Monday, January 26, 2015

The Hallway

encrypt, encode, seek out
without the direct words
to the soul

it raves through the bloodstream
through the deepest rivers of the soul
it electrifies
it burns
in Hunger
with a capital "H"

it transforms
to please

the one you love

that pathway is long

blood & some really serious drugs

at the end
stands a man
a single statement
loud and clear
there is no avoiding it

they try to run
but winds & furious magnet

As the Plane Nears the Island

I found myself last night unable to sleep
Who am I
How did I get on this airplane
Who is flying it
and Who are these strange Others on board
I seem to know so very well

We are going to an island

Is this island just planet earth
or some oasis in Hell?

I grasp for gratifying things
the negative

Where did I come from
and how do I know these strangers
so well

what is my real name
what is my purpose

I always come to the conclusion
love suffices
if there be purpose
it is to love and be loved

is the consciousness of God

is paradise

Monday, January 19, 2015

Thoughts on Crazy

"Crazy" is relative. There is also "crazy" which is not crazy, but so smart it appears as crazy.

That is often what might be called "artistic crazy".

There is conscious crazy, then, and there is unconscious crazy.

There is also such a thing as matters being believed to be "crazy", when it is not crazy,
but everyone else is crazy. Then, there is chaos, products of an unordered, confused mind.

The later case, for me, is often notable, because I often deal with matters (and individuals),
which the majority of the planet pretends does not exist. Technically, they should be called
crazy, because they know better, but for whatever reason are unable to process that 

For me, I put on my HS yearbook that I wanted to be a scientist, a researcher, out in some
peruvian jungle. My ideas were to be some manner of explorer of consciousness and higher
truths. This is that peruvian jungle.

In those searches, I have found myself with a confused, unordered mind from time to time,
as I try and gather all the pieces together and make some sense out of everything. From
the start of the journey to the end of various journies, then, when all the facts are not available,
it is normal to have some level of a confused, unordered mind. 

The trick, I have found, to minimize problems, is to try and stick hard to the precepts of
both science... and a solid homicide investigation. :-)

Where people really go off and end up drooling and jabbering is when their minds break from
the stress of it all, but above all, because they did not stick to the well worked rules human
beings have made out... one of these is in the fields of science, but another area is in the field
of homicide investigations.

Science has some key flaws in it: people are typically conceited, they believe their little
knowledge is much more then it is, and they believe they can not be misled. These traits
all lead them into crazy. A sort of crazy which they agree upon, and keeps an appearance
of "non-crazy"... but is completely stupid and crazy nonetheless.

A good meter in all of this is: have the people in question forgotten or are trying to not see the
simple reality of their life? That is, this reality is they were born in what can be said to be
a prison cell and are headed towards death. Understanding that, do they properly order all
things? Or are they simply looking for some fantasies of ego to waylay each other, to forget,
the painful reality of their circumstances?

This does not mean eternal life is a fiction, but it does mean if they do not lay claim to that,
and yet also do not lay claim to the utter meaninglessness a hopeless life entails... that they
themselves are entirely crazy.

"Crazy", like "really wrong", is often defined relatively. If it is common for those who are acting
very crazy to hear voices and see visions, then to hear voices and see visions becomes a
standard of crazy. It helps here, of course, to entirely rule out the possibility that there are
actually beings that can speak in our hearts and there are beings that can communicate through
visions. If you hard heart up and rule out those possibilities... well, everything is much more
simple, isn't it?

Relative means if someone has not heard of something (or if they and their peers have 
collectively decided it is not true), then that is crazy to say it is. Because they know all.

Crazy is people thinking they know all.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Redemption Medusa

the flesh is a metaphor
for the spiritual person
who can have a form to be seen
is ultimately beyond any form

how can on translate
the formless by the formed?

No literal eyes to see
no ears to hear
no tongue to taste
no skin to feel

by normal nature
it is dead
stone cold
by alive nature
it is alive
and hungry

the key to the inner self
is that it is symbolized by all
but is its' self
female in nature
wired to receive
incapable of giving

when touched, it grows alive
awakened to its' existence

there are just three
most sensitive areas of the flesh

four, for women, and so much more

the softest part of the foot
the genitals
and the lips

for the woman
add to that her nipples
and much more sensitive is her
skin all over
a man's

so the woman
desires to receive
to heard, to be seen
to be smelt, to be tasted
and having her genitals
wrapped around her inside
to have

the man?
his cock is like a tongue
it seeks to be wrapped over

the taste of the softest area
desires the softest area its' self

much too soft for the few nerves
of the palm of the hand
it alone can feel
so much more

higher resolution

the woman's body
if revealed
promises softness
to his tongue

while she does not consider so
much his looks
but her needs must be met
just such a tongue

in the sensitivity
to taste and be tasted
on the same level
at the same time
that is the seat

there is raw, deep
down there
so it is hidden from view

when one's heart is shown
and treated with gentleness
and passion
it explodes
it awakens

the most desirous creature
is the form of a woman,
but alien
with tentacles
that wrap and stretch
with the head of a cock
on each end
and the skin
as a cockhead
but wet


the seductive sight
of the woman's body
is amplified
by the hidden
of clothes
if bright in color
it says
from its' softness
"my skin is sensitive, touch me"
"my colors are bright, I want to be touched"

these messages bypass
conscious awareness
and so act
as commands
on the hypnotized

the tongue
for the touch
to what the hand
could only dream
of feeling
against the softest

the woman's mouth
in hunger

Friday, January 16, 2015


my mind and heart are ravaged
by the details

the purity and the carnality
rage together

for the woman, the only visuals
are his persistent interest
and the control she has
to wrap him around her finger
to force his hardon
a statement of deep flattery

her body aches and tingles
with knowledge of her beauty
and the taste
of the touch
any slightest space

to imply, in the slightest
for his cock
with straightened foot
bent leg
the healthy thigh
and softest clothes
against her vibrant
radioactive flesh
the wetness
and bent
of the knee
or foot
or hand
every inch pleasing
to the softness
of his head

for her
the ultimate devotion
is to call about
his seed
of the most beautiful of ideas
a child
which she
and needs
his devotion
in pain
in her own
the symbol
of their love

the vulnerability of nakedness
of want
of need
the shame of brokenness
of intimacy
in the deepest fibers
of being

to be

the submission
of sacrifice
to his love
craving deep kisses

singular events
one dimensional
a constant stream
a bursting river

a loud statement
of marriage


Sex & Holy & Dreaming Engineering of the Heart

Solomon's grace
to subject one's pure eyes to all things
even the profane
to find truth
and dismiss the lies
regardless of where that path may lay

a song of the times
'if only there were no religion'
and they murder & lust & hate
claiming to know
the way
but blind


imagine this
to possess beauty beyond
to know the luxury
of intimacy
and passion
and the screaming highs
the shame

logic, analysis

no human passion
no fortune of beauty
no momentary glimpse
of orgasmic cries
beyond comprehension
no long sought love
that expands the world
and lights

the shame of the intimacy
the dirtiness of the attraction
the singular selfishness of the desire
the extreme
for payback
of such a state
screaming in ecstasy

no, none of that
but a full body excitement
and a promised beauty obtained

the full time giving of one's self
in absolute submission
which is deeply drenched in righteousness
and the glory of satisfied being

to live in such a state forever
to find freedom
to have all hearts wildest desires
beyond one's own imagining
and lovemaking
in everyday life

the logical conclusions are
this must be
this is for which we were formed for
and even
for which we fell

to each be glowing rockstars

imagine this
to know how to give
ecstasy beyond anyone's wildest dreams
to master that
and have that power
to have the power inherent
in one's

for all this
one must deny
the temporary

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Bell Chime

a life behind walls
being watched, but not really sure by who
searching someone out, even
being in love

and not really sure with who

seeing that I am old
and not knowing where I grew up
where I lived
or what I did

holding to promises of my youth
and not really sure why

that this world is far below
this, I know
but far below what?

I am not really sure

can I say there is someone else
a spirit that moves between people
they do not have the foggiest idea

it is like this person I know so well
just drops in
and speaks and moves
through someone else
and I recognize them

for some reason
for me
this is normal

everything always seems real enough
but I know
it will all change
and was never what
anyone thought

all the world, and all it revolves around
all the greatest towers
and the biggest groups
they have no idea
how small, how little
how quick they were here
then gone

but I see these things

I wonder at how they know nothing
and how little they see
or suspect

it does not phase me
to see that island
or get lost on that plane
and yet scratch my head
"Who are you"
"how do I know you so well"
"when I do not even know you"
"at all"

and I know them better then
anyone else
the voice inside, the constant

I might here have to add, the strangest
of these things:

What is this world of worshiping technology
when I watch ghosts and angels
speak through someone else as if they were

or appear in temporary bodies and temporary

might I even say, "never mind that"
when I see movies carved from the specifics
of my
quite unlegendary life

what boggles me most of all
yet is so common place

she was amazing, perfect beauty
full of joy
with the bizarre cover of a groupie
at the end of it, I said, "maybe someday
we would meet on an airplane and not
even recognize each other and fall in
and live together happily on an island

when I met her years later
she admitted she put those words in
my mouth
a promise, prophecy
what did they do?

Step back, knowing the future, and
decide to show it to me
in such a bizarre way
where airplane
is all symbolic?

Half the time I catch them trying to
say things
and it just auto-translates through
this material world

how could someone's teenage crush
on a girl
and before that, I suppose
she was a boy
be on... who?
one's own personal Jesus?

almost with no trace of sarcasm
I watch my favorite filmmaker's last film
12 Monkeys Airplane Ride
the Island End

In some kind of weird grimmace
countless such things the children say
and they know not what they mean
but I see it


How do you speak from one world to the other
when there are no words
for these things?

My friend passes me a tome about technological society
how it seems so quaint
contrasted with this everyday "magic"

I deal with beings past the other side of death

as probably even am I....

Do you ever sit and wonder
how people do not bother
with being on death row?
All of them, they are aging, and set to die
and they don't even wonder why