Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Dread God Machine

a small nation
who would consider it
at the heart
of all duties

you should ask why
there is nothing
to it

the leading scientists have
come together
and brought forth a conclusion

"there is no God"

they have discovered
what was never said before
nor known

first came the universe
then the earth
the animals
human kind

was this known


Just a few
billion years ago

there was another people
not unlike your own selves
they had kids

the land
was separated from the water
in one great land mass

scientists would agree

one island
one land mass
sorrounded by water

"God does not draw in straight lines"

or so the story goes...

I would be lying if I were to say to you
I do not know

I would be lying if I were to say to you
I was not there

And so, here we are
at the ends of the universe

where did I come from?
am I  going...

I am here to tell you
I am here
to blow apart your party

Houston, we have a takeoff

this is what
everything was designed for
the end of the story
was surely written
before the beginning

everything else?
that is the whole point

listen to me carefully while I tell you a little story...

Now that I have your perfect
and complete

in order for people to understand
there had to be the internet
which is not so much unlike Heaven
in the way we can communicate
across worlds

and there had to be the visions
of cinema
to explain
this other world

there also had to be the virtual worlds
of video games
so you can see

if human beings can create these things
in so few, short years
do you really trust you are the smartest
that you are the first
that no one had this technology
before you

that there were never any robots
and there is no civilization
of years
ahead of you

we create our servants
out of the hard elements
of wind

and it is this
Dread, God Machine
that is on

Monday, March 31, 2014

Jet Black Madness

the raw intensity of their presence
tendrils of desire whip around you
like their impossible aroma

what you were no longer exists
all thoughts of everything gone

heroin & her highest meth
the blazing rush through the spine
the electric rivers of the bloodstream
and neural pathways
open up to beyond the stars

and standing right in front of one
your feet gone from the ground
hands and legs out stretched

the gods & goddesses of beauty

and their impossible madness

wraps the soul
tendrils of dripping python
from a vast and distant
alien world

screaming without end joy
trapped deep
in the thick cocoon
of the monsterous
many eyed
fang mouthed
Spider Queen & Man

She walks
disguised as a human
her current prey
a cheerleader
dropped on her knees
busy under her dress

he stands by the window
the football star
pumping him with his
grasping with gratitude
his ass

they squirm in their
cocoon, their bodies
the Spider has gone
they thirst
they hunger

suicide, if they could
for the sweat of their
the juice
of their groin

Friday, March 28, 2014

the Eve of the Day

Breathe it in
the air coils around you
stars spin outwards
from your hands

this is the dream

feel comfortable in your seat
it was paid for

a looming, big, black block

realize the difference between
the holy
and the profane

w/o a word being said

a child on a big wheel
seeing the elevators
flooding blood

the power of the blood

are your lives comfortable for you
do you have ample shelter
and food
has your cup runneth over

the papers read, incessantly
"everything evolved from nothing"
"the universe is just so old, our wise have figured out"
"these are your heroes, the mathematicians who have freed you"

"there are no old gods, whom you owe"

"people have been saying for centuries..."
"he would come back"

I appreciate you being beaten up
and murdered
on the cross
for me

can you feel the waves

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cinema & Myths

All of this has been as if Heaven talking. To the masses. But it is also something else, isn't it? It may not be talking. But simply waves of reality. Heaven has landed... and the waves are making their way through the encoded distance of metaphor... of course it is brilliant and fascinating to watch and see -- such is the glory of heaven!

 Even if it is so very far removed.

Are there telescopes nobody knows about?

Friday, February 14, 2014

the invasion

confounded exploitation
the wheels of the machine move
a billion people everywhere
living spirits
not unlike ghosts
thrive in secret
in the crowds

star spangled banner

a singular crumb of speckled goo
enters the bloodstream
it traffics through
against the cops of white cells
it hides around corners and takes up disguises

they do not figure on super intelligence
beyond their own understanding
with alien agendas
and alien manipulations

they walk
to anything at all

except the vague, generic, abstract
of the Stories, the Myths
handed through their religions
their news stories
their fascinations
their books, media, and cinema

their eyes glitter
as they sit in the dark rows
of the theater

images on the big screen
pushing and shoving
making room in their hearts and minds

bulldozers of preparation

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Crypto Code of Poetic Cinema

I like what Jim Morrison said about poetry
"Listen, real poetry doesn't say anything; it just ticks off possibilities"


what if people took that insight to the Book & Myths?

'When the stars fall from the sky...'
'The heavens & earth close like a book...'

You know, the ancients did not really know what
"the Stars" were...

Do we today?

think about it: bright lights up in the sky that flicker
like the heartbeat of life

When Heaven Comes to Earth

"Whatever that means"

Afterall, consider:
Should it be spelled out, or should it be encrypted in code
the code of poetry
What you see in Cinema & Myths?

hypnosis works this way
you leave it open ended
so the imagination can fill in the blanks
or spirits? Or The Spirit?

are we the sum of our parts?
if you take a microscope to your skin
will it be flawless?
if you take Beautiful People
and you look inside their guts
will they still be beautiful?
will they change?
or is it merely the Perspective
of the

You know... the Bald One in Fringe

and so we hide our secrets
and so we are Ambiguous
Anonymous is not exactly the correct word

like Supernatural
you take it all
and mix it together
looking for commonalities
the Language of Dreams

They impart messages to our brains
our minds
our hearts
our souls
the Twinkle & Shine
in our eyes

I know something
you want to know...


Friday, February 7, 2014

Snapshots of Hell

he's getting married
I go upstairs into a room uninvited
women under sheets, still alive
bloodstains where their eyes should be

we are driving
rounding a large, old house
a giant, black wall
oh, it is another tornado
unseen wide, a field close

the old, forgotten house
there was a murder here
they say the ghost of a girl
still lives here

this is where ghosts live
lingering for justice

I watch the television show
it is me on there
obscured and defracted
by the clouds

These Are Myths

It will take three years
for this homicide detective
for his brain to process
what it can not process
they say

It is Science, Fact, Proof
You can rest your easy head
and not worry about Hell
and Damnation
You can be Free
to be a slave

You can live out your years
without any hope
making no more sense of your life
then a bird or a chimpanzee

they have arms
they have legs
their dna is .01% different from ours
(a popular, loudly shouted lie)
Made With Fancy Graphics
A New Discovery
No Theories Here, Maam
All Facts!
By Experts (Trademark, Patented By Monopolies)

Gangster War Politics
Football Player Coaches

God Hates Pork!
You should be nice & polite
to the retarded people
who think God hates you eating

levels and levels more intelligent
then the idiots
who think they live in a box
a clock
From Whence Muck They Arose
Gods, they are!

Dress them in jewels
Give them pretty faces
fine bodies
machine guns and atom bombs
they strut around
like they have some glory
the masses add to the delusion

Oh, look at this, look at that

All of you are just dressed in fancy
monkey suits
you mistake the great works
and words
as being more then
a fancy monkey suit
a little blue hat
a little cute, pink suit

Hell to pay
Blow you to the far future
where your dead body wakes up
Kingdom Come

"The Future Is Now"

dreams come, dreams go
this is living


What payment would you prefer, Sir
Visa? Mastercard?
Perhaps endless cheering throngs

maybe you want wantable people
to drool over you

maybe you want to be the bully
or to be bullied
and fight back

Work ninety hours a week
crust and creep and age
like a prune, a withered grape
Raging Your Fist to the Sky
"You Do Not Exist!"

Green Eggs and Ham, Sir?
Maybe you like it on a car?
"I do not want it on a car"

What you want
Is a State Unending
Joy and Peace and Love

Maybe you can stuff women
or men
or jewelry
or guns
or looks of fear and acts of respect
and mercedes
in your heart
maybe you can grind it all up
and this will make you happy?

All the Miserable Ape People
Dogs and Pigs
Old, Zombie, Withered, Stinking Flesh
Dressed in Zoot Suits
Pimp Suits
Rapists screaming
Drugging Drinks
Shouting, Jeering, Cheering

They torture children with oil and flame
and you cheer them for their strength
you pay them with cheer

you lie and say, "This is truth, I hate liars"
you are unreasonable and argue, "This is reason, unreasonableness is bad"
you are a sadist and say, "I hate hurting others, I am kind, I am gentle"

Above All
You Embrace Death

You allow your self to die without a fight
for what?
For all of this?

For goods you do not need
for virtue you do not need
"goods" that are meaningless crap
"virtue" that is despicable vice
by salespeople

Any Way They Turn
Left, Right
Nazi, Communist
Liberal, Conservative
Patriot, Traitor
Fighter, Peace Lover
they end up the same
different words
Rules, Rules, Rules
That make no fucking sense
Tyranny for Tyranny's Sake

That is their plan

Search the stars!

No one is greater then man

man eats, man shits, man is ugly
man works and makes some noise

To the side: I guess that call that language
It sounds like animals

they prance in doctor suits
and scientist suits
and hooker suits
the ugly, ugly, hairy

screeching and hollering
while the fans bow down and whistle

Look up on the Big Screen!
Man can fly!
Woman can fly!
Human can move objects with their mind!
They can flesh body go invisible.
They can teleport by will.

They can mock and make their mocking
appear like reasoning
this is how their scientists win

"The point of writing is to put bad words into rivals mouths"
"So we can make the public hate them"

They say
the genocidists

Get fat!
Get thin!

Get young.
turn water into wine
walk on water

Marvel at technology
air conditioning
indoor heating
milk, honey
as much as you could ever want
These are really big deals

Theater shows of all types
and games to watch

Free sex, at least, for the watching
you can imagine the rest

Because all this
Makes You Happy

dress up your pets
they go and say, "I earned this"

Because of your beauty
you apprised your self
Too Highly